In 2003, Robusta launched its own production.

- Neutral worktops, kitchen cupboards and stainless steel shelves 18/10.
- Complex bar units with built-in refrigeration
- Hot and cold food display cabinets for buffets and organised meals
- Professional vertical refrigerators
- Stainless steel horizontal refrigerated worktops - medium- and low-temperature
- Cold / freezer rooms
- Refrigerated display cabinets and ice cream freezers
- Raw fish display counters
- Fast food lines
- Electric grills
- Electric hobs
- Electric fryers
- Food smokers
- Kitchen and pastry tools and accessories
- Kitchen and catering trolleys
- Complete range of stainless steel equipment for hospitals
- Medicine storage cabinets
- Surgical sinks
- Medical and surgical instrument trolleys
- Kidney dishes
- Screens
- Step stools

Production is non-standard and is fully customised to individual clients' needs.